Schottland - for - all
Travel for people with and without disabilities around the UK and Ireland

Is the journey to the UK / Irekland included in the price?

No, you arrange the journey to Scotland yourself, but we help can also help you with this.

Where do the trips begin, and where do they end?

The trips begin and end at the Airports or at the Ferry Terminals.

Can I make trips with my own car?
Of course, we organize your trips completely according to your desires.

How can I book a trip?
They can book a trip simply and quickly as follows:

1) You send us an email (

You call us: +44 1863 766 010 or +44 77 9484 7574 (we will call you back)

How I am insured on my trip?
Naturally we have liability insurance as tour operators, but no personal insurance protection is included in the travel price.
Basically we recommend a comprehensive travel insurance package against accident, illness, luggage loss, liability, travel cancellation/late return journey and a travel cancellation cost insurance.

Where can I book travel insurance?
You can book travel insurance very simply at any larger travel agency.

Of course there are no cancellation costs for you, if we can find another customer who will take your place on the trip. That is decided in each individual case.

Are there cash-mashines on the journey?
Yes, ATM machines are available all over Scotland.

Can I attend church services ?
Of course we can make it possibile for you to attend the Sundays service in the Church of Scotland.

When and how do I pay the journey?
You can transfer the amount to our account. We send you our bank details with your booking confirmation. You pay  10% of the travel price, or a minimum of £ 100.
Payment of balance is due four weeks before the travel date.

Is there a provison for vegetarians or allergy sufferers ?
Vegetarian food is always offered as one of the alternatives on the menu. We can clarify the food preparation for certain sensitivities or allergies  during your travel planning. Please ask us.

Is the itinerary always exactly as described?
Your trips is based on the available detailed description of the itinerary. Your guide will try naturally to stick to the program as closely as possible. We do however reserve the right to change the itinerary in the case of extreme wheater conditions or other circumstances outside of our direct sphere of influence. This is for your own safety.

What happens, if I have to cancel my trip after booking?
If you have to cancel  a trip and no replacement travellers are found, your deposit will not be refunded.

Forget the preconception that it often rains in Scotland! The mild and moderate climate is affected by the warm gulf stream. There is often a light  breeze, and the temperatures do not get too hot even in the summer. If it rains, it is usually a shower. It does not rain continually for days as is common in Central Europe.
A Scottish proverb says: If you don`t like the weather in Scotland - please wait a minute.
The climate can be described by the saying “is here ever April, times more warmly and times more coldly, but always very mildly”. The movement of the clouds causes a constantly changing landscape and fantastic contrasts for photographs.