Scotland - for - all
Travel for people with and without disabilities around the UK and Ireland

You`ll discover the well-known parts of Scotland with Lochs and Glens, castles, bag pipes and drums, Whiskey, but also little known parts of Scotland with lonely beaches, hidden coasts, the peace and quiet of the Highlands, in addition, real, down-to-earth life in the pubs, the outstanding cuisine and the hospitality of the Scots.

We create a round trip especially for you and your needs.

Here is just a sampling of our offers  

                               South to the North from Edinburgh to Inverness 10 days round trip: from £ 850 p.P.         
                                Highland round tour, located in Strathpeffer, 8 days round trip: from £ 790 p.P.
                                Highland and Orkneys - 6 days Highlands and 2 days Orkneys: from £ 920 p.P.
                                Highland round trip: - 9 days from: £ 890 p.P.
                                Pure Highlands - 8 days round trip including a day trip to the Orkneys: from £ 810 p.P 
                                Highland and Shetlands - 5 days Highlands and 3 days Shetland Islands: £ 990 p.P
                                Around Inverness - 10 days round trip located in Inverness: from £ 890 p.P.
                                London and the english South coast : from £ 1,095
                                Dublin and Ireland : from £ 1,075
                                Wales and Liverpool : from £ 1,095
                                Jersey - 7 days : from £ 950
                               Icelandy - 7 days : from £ 900
                               Malta - 7 days : from £ 595 



But, these are just a few of the possibilties. Our intention is to map out your special tour according to your wishes, needs and budget. 

We invite you to visit Scotland. Come along - we look forward to seeing you. On our round trips, we want to show you the real Scotland with its nature and also its Mystik.